Marco Motta

“Style is a good tool to tell what you have to say but when you no longer have anything to say, style is a limp cock before the wondrous cunt of the universe”

 “Screams from the Balcony” by Charles Bukowski

Marco Motta was born in Rivolta d’Adda (Cremona) in 1978. Saxophonist, clarinetist, composer and video performer, he picked up his first saxophone at a very young age. He then switched to the study of the clarinet collecting, in the years of his classical training, several awards in national and international competitions. He obtained the musical diploma  for clarinet at the ..Conservatory in 2001. But his inborn attitude and interest in the multi-instrumentalism soon pushed  him into the study of the saxophone family. Since then he has devoted himself to contemporary music and experimental jazz, developing a personal and crossing genres language that combines elements of classical/art music with extreme and paroxysmic sounds inherited from the great lesson of John Zorn. Among his recent collaborations, most remarkable are the ones with Roy Paci since 2012 for the project Corleone and with the Afro funk group Mamud Band since 2010. He is currently involved in a new project that aims to create an innovative contamination between electronic music and visual arts using technology in unconventional ways.